John Paul Paterson

Robin Parsons was contracted by Petrofield Industries to conduct a market research study. Our intent was to gain a better understanding of our market place. The scope of work included performing an analysis on our client data; conducting a market segmentation evaluation; and performing a competitor review which also included an evaluation of how our product is differentiated from competing products in the eyes of our clients.

Robin’s conducted the primary and secondary research; analyzed client data; prepared the findings; and reviewed results with the Petrofield team. Her final deliverable was a report which included strategic recommendations for future positioning of the Petrofield product.

Robin brought thoughtful insight, and a strategic outlook. Her market research gave us a fresh perspective and we are actively pursuing opportunities identified in her recommendations and conclusions. Robin’s work has been useful and informative and we hope to work with her again in the future.

John Paul Paterson
Plant Manager, Hydrovac Division
Petrofield Industries

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