I’m Robin Parsons (MBA, CPF, CTF) and I’m here to help you harness the knowledge and expertise you already have.

My processes are geared towards your business objectives and I lead with a key principle in mind: to make sure every voice in the room is heard.

Here are some handy resources to help you with your facilitation planning and decision making.

Master Large Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings and face to face meetings have the same fundamental objectives. But virtual engagement is an art form and here are some helpful tips to ensure your success.

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Clear Thinking Methodology

Clear Thinking is a method for logically moving a group through four different levels of thinking to evaluate or explore a topic. It moves thought from surface to depth.

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Transformational Strategy Methodology

Transformational Strategy is a highly participative, consensus driven approach to strategic thinking. It is a series of structured methods to help draw and recognize contributions from each person while helping groups deal with large amounts of data in a short time.

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Working with a Facilitator

Planning a big meeting? Think you need a facilitator? Here are some tips for working with a facilitator.

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What Makes a Good Facilitator?

An excellent facilitator deeply understands the role, has invested in training, is expert in core methods, and constantly hones skills. Some people have natural talent for facilitation. All talented facilitators have invested in their skills.

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Meeting Room Guide

Meeting rooms have a huge impact on the experience of a group. When asked ‘what worked well’ and ‘what would have improved the experience’ at the end of a meeting, participants often cite the room setup: more space, better space, better lighting, better temperature control.

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Building Consensus Through Communication

Robin Parsons, Dave Robertson and Tyler Chisholm discuss the importance of building a consensus through communication and how we can get back to having a dialogue instead of a debate when it comes to the way forward.

Difficult Conversations

Managers often must have difficult conversations with a member of their staff — on work performance, matters of discipline or in cases of conflict. Professional facilitator Robin Parsons discusses how leaders can prepare for such conversations and handle at times unexpected discoveries.

Adjusting Your Business During COVID-19

It was great fun to chat with Scott Payne about how my business has adjusted during COVID-19. Have a listen!

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