Virtual Meetings

Engaging, productive meetings

While virtual meetings have become common place, effective and engaging virtual meetings are still relatively scarce and the fallout is accumulating in the form of meeting fatigue, declining productivity and declining engagement.

We were out on the leading edge a year ago, managing the transition from in person to online. We had clients that we were actively working with when lockdowns started. We had to adapt, and quickly.

We have learned how to plan, design and facilitate highly effective, engaging and productive meetings through thoughtful application of platforms, tools and careful attention to process.

Illustrates product from virtual meetin
Participants appreciate the engaging format.

Track record of success

Over the last year, we have

  • facilitated an industry network launch involving more than 100 participants over 2 days
  • conducted stakeholder and community engagement events
  • facilitated participative, strategic planning processes with multiple organizations
  • facilitated board meetings
  • hosted a three day Industry Conference
  • delivered training
  • supported webinars

All virtually and all with great results!

We’ve learned alot and we’re excited about the proliferation of even better tools on the horizon.

Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish with your group. We’ll make it happen in a virtual context.