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Strategic Planning

Tap into your team’s unique strengths and use them to articulate an effective plan of action.

Strategic thinking spiral

With a professionally facilitated strategic planning session, you can tap into the wisdom of your group, capture their vision, harness their understanding of barriers and challenges and design a path for addressing your unique barriers.

Strategic planning is a tremendous opportunity to align and energize an organization around its multi-dimensional vision. With an aligned organization, forward motion is possible.

There are many ways to approach strategy and many components to it. We can argue about definitions too. In my mind these are the big questions that are driving strategic thinking:

When the big thinking is done and the strategic framework is laid out, it’s time to convert the define the intended outcomes and then figure out the milestones or stages by which a strategy will be executed.  The big questions that need attention now are:

After that, align the milestones with existing work.  What work is aligned?  What work needs a re-think?  What steps do we need to take now?

When the planning part is complete, a routine check in on progress is essential.  What has been accomplished?  What is blocking progress?  What needs to be done now?

We will develop a customized, staged process, designed to target the outcomes you set out. It will be professionally facilitated, engaging, build alignment and help your organization move towards its desired future state.

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