Personal strategy

You are many years into your career, a good corporate solider, putting out your typical, solid effort… yet, there is restlessness.

You are juggling work demands, family demands, volunteer demands, but the tiny voice in the back of your head is thinking there’s something else

…if only you could articulate it.

You want a bigger vision, you feel like you need a plan – but frankly that takes a level of mental effort, time and organization that you don’t seem to have the capacity for. The blank page is overwhelming. You’ll do it later.

I offer a process that builds your strategy from the detail level up, which is much easier than trying to come up with the big, brilliant idea. 

What is a personal strategy? 

A personal strategy is an articulated set of desires that encompasses your complete self (interests, career, family and ambitions) and identifies tangible, forward  steps that you can take towards achieving your desired future.

Often, we struggle to define our desired future state. 

 My process starts with a reflective look at your personal story – the patterns and images that have governed your life. Reviewing the past (without judgement) sets you up to define a three to five year vision statement.

When your desired future state is clear, you can consider what is preventing you from realizing your future state, your obstacles. Once obstacles are identified, you can formulate  strategies to overcome those obstacles and move towards your personal vision. The outcome is a personal strategic plan.

The benefit – the path forward becomes tangible. 

My clients tell me this is effortless and enlightening. It allows them to articulate vaguely formed thoughts and feelings in a way that is concrete and meaningful.

“I kind of knew this, but I wasn’t able to articulate it in a way that I could work with it – Jim “

“Yes – this feels right. This captures me perfectly – Dana”

“This is so great – I love this – Heather”

What does the process look like? 

It’s very simple.

  • You enrol in the program and you get a bit of homework. It will take about an hour.
  • We get together and do the workshop, which takes 60 -90 minutes.
  • That cycle repeats three more times.

Over the course of four, 60 – 90 minute workshops (that require about an hour of homework each) you will have developed your personal strategy. Results are documented so that you will have a reference point.

At the end, you will have articulated  your vision and the things you need to do, to unlock that vision.

“The process for me was seamless, enlightening and masterfully accomplished .  You really embraced where I was coming from and instinctively took me to where I wanted and needed to be. – Deb”

How do I get started? 

Contact me! 


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