Facilitation Training

There is no skill as powerful in an organization today as being able to lead a group through a clear thinking process and arrive at a conclusion.

Even better when this conclusion is supported by every single person who took part in the conversation.

A diverse group of stakeholders coming to unanimous agreement?

Witchcraft, you say?

No. In fact, it’s just great facilitation skills. Skills that can be learned through training on

Technology of Participation

ORID – Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs

a robust methodology that enables others to think clearly, even as a group.

And you can cast this powerful spell over those around you, using logical, empathetic, patient and structured facilitation. It’s not difficult – but it’s effective.

If your organization could benefit from a “meeting whisperer,” consider whether you’re the right candidate.

Who should consider facilitation training?

If you work with people, if you lead meetings, if you are responsible for bringing groups to agreement, facilitation skills training may be the most impactful professional development that you’ll ever embark upon.

For example:

  • Accountants
  • Business analysts
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers
  • Human resource specialists
  • Managers
  • Senior leaders
  • Sales professionals
  • Technical sales professionals

I work with ICA Associates Inc. and Lead Lucid to deliver Technology of Participation (ToP) training in private and public settings.

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