Strategic planning


Agenda for 1 day strategy session

A multi-stage, participative strategic planning process ensures alignment and support for the final product.

Define the organization’s mission and values. Identify the vision, discover your blocks, clarify your strategic directions.

In order to avoid ‘plan on the shelf’ syndrome, take the important step of turning strategic directions into executable initiatives. Overlay existing work activity – how does it fit? Reprioritize initiatives to ensure they align with strategic directions. Build action plans at the team level.

With facilitated strategic planning, you can tap into your team’s expert skills to remove roadblocks and create a powerful path forward.

Nervous about a group session?

How a facilitator can help you business. 

Group process facilitation


Groups at work

We live in an era where problems are complex and diverse perspectives are needed to fully explore an issue and identify go forward options.

That it is needed, doesn’t always make it easy.

Engaging a facilitator to help your group come to a consensus in an open and productive environment where all opinions are welcome and conversation is expertly steered delivers tangible outcomes.

Discover hidden insights and untangle hard-to-solve problems to promote efficiency, growth in your people and progress on your projects.

Wondering about the ROI of a facilitated session?

What does a facilitator do? 

What shouldn’t a facilitator do? 

Facilitation skills training

Technology of Participation


If you work with people, if you lead meetings, if you are responsible for bringing groups to agreement, facilitation skills training may be the most important professional development that you’ll ever embark upon.

Effective meeting leadership is an important skill. Those skills focus on creating an agenda, managing time, having the right people in the room, and understanding the type of decision making to be done.

When you add facilitation into the mix, you go beyond the mechanics of meeting management and towards helping, groups think together, disagree together, and find creative, new solutions to their topics and challenges.

Facilitation skills help groups to think clearly when clear thinking is needed. With good facilitation skills, a group engages deeply with their topics and arrives at well thought out conclusions where support for the eventual outcome is much higher. 

Robin is a Certified Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitator (CTF) who provides ToP training for ICA Associates Canada. Robin delivers public and private training across Canada.

Clear Thinking Methodology

Training versus facilitation