Colleagues and Collaborators

Although I do a lot of my work solo, sometimes a project calls for more than just one expert.

That’s why I’m proud to maintain relationships with a series of people and organizations that allow me to call in reinforcements when need be. (And, sometimes they call on me to help support them!)


These relationships allow me to:

  • Scale up when need be and take on projects with a bigger scope,
  • Bring in talent to offer specialized skill-sets that a client group may require,
  • Continue to build on and reinforce my knowledge of industry best practices, and
  • Simply get a second set of eyes, which, in a complex setting, can often offer a valuable fresh perspective.

I’m a bit fussy about who I work with.  My collaborators need to share my values, operate with integrity, and put the best interests of the client first.

Here are some of my favourite people and organizations: