I help groups have the conversations they need to have to make the decisions they need to make!


Throughout my professional career, I’ve sat in a lot of meetings that were just bad.

Bad for their lack of accomplishment, bad for their lack of focus, bad for

Business Portrait for Robin Parsons

Robin Parsons, Facilitative Strategist

their inability to align on interests or outcomes and bad because they failed to tap into the expertise in the room.

So much wasted time and potential.

We know that people want to be involved and want to be engaged in conversations that affect them. We know that many heads together can produce a better result.

And yet – we tend to shy away from these types of meetings. We fear a ‘free for all’, chaos, lack of focus or simply losing control of the the discussion. We are afraid that we won’t get what we want or need out of the meeting.

Over the years, I’ve worked with people who were afraid to call meetings and afraid to pull people together, primarily because they didn’t have confidence that they could pull anything useful out of the room. They didn’t have the skill or the understanding of how people think, interact or contribute.

The most common comment I hear at the end of a facilitation:
“we would not have gotten this far if we hadn’t been working with a facilitator”. 

I design and facilitate processes that help people have the conversations they need to have to make the decisions they need to make. They learn from each other, they build trust in each other and they move towards common goals. 

I believe in the wisdom of the group, the power of a neutral facilitator and the importance of consensus based discussions. I believe that that when people come together to co-create their futures, a little bit of magic happens!