Robin Parsons, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator

Professional facilitation for real business results

Offering professional facilitation services, including group facilitation, business process facilitation, strategic planning and corporate workshops.

  • Are you part of a leadership team or business unit that never seems to find the time to talk to one another?
  • Is alignment and communication among stakeholders crucially important but difficult to achieve?
  • Are you wondering why your previous facilitation workshops have felt unproductive or gruelling?

I’ve been there. And I know how to help you tackle it.

Take part in a professional facilitation session that’s customized for your team’s priorities and environment.

With professional facilitation services, you’ll eliminate “on the shelf” syndrome and come away with real insights you can put into action the next day.

Take part in well-planned, results-orientated workshops that will engage your group, discover their thinking, co-create solutions and improve commitment to outcomes.

Why Robin? I’m a certified professional facilitator (CPF) with 10+ years of experience leading groups like yours. More importantly, I’ve been where you are. After spending 25 years in the private sector, I have seen the tremendous capacity of organizations remained untapped for want of effective dialogue and engagement. And I wanted to be the one to change that.

Today, I’m here to help organizations genuinely talk and listen to each other and make decisions.

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